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Basic Makeup

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  1. Primer: A makeup primer is used to create a smooth and even base for foundation, helping to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.
  2. BB Cream: BB (Blemish Balm) cream is a multi-purpose product that can serve as a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation in one. It helps to even out skin tone, conceal blemishes, and provide SPF protection.
  3. Concealer: Concealer is used to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections on the face.
  4. Setting Powder: Setting powder is used to lock in the makeup and prevent it from smudging or running. It also helps to control shine and give a matte finish.
  5. Bronzer: Bronzer is used to add warmth and dimension to the face. It can be applied to the cheeks, forehead, and jawline to create a natural-looking glow.
  6. Eyebrow Pencil: Eyebrow pencils are used to fill in and shape the eyebrows, creating a defined and polished look.
  7. Eyeliner: Eyeliner is used to define the eyes and create a more dramatic look. It can be applied in different forms, such as liquid, pencil, or gel.
  8. Mascara: Mascara is used to add length and volume to the lashes, creating a more defined and eye-catching look.
  9. Lip Tint: Lip tints are a lightweight, long-lasting alternative to traditional lipsticks. They provide a natural-looking flush of color to the lips without feeling heavy or sticky.

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